Author Topic: Lenel OnGuard Integrates with Venturii  (Read 1196 times)


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Lenel OnGuard Integrates with Venturii
« on: March 22, 2018, 05:30:56 PM »
Buscom now has a plugin to talk to Lenel OnGuard through DataConduIT. Of course, you need to buy a DataConduIT license from Lenel for your particular installation, but once you've laid out that chunk of cash, integrating your OnGuard Access Control System with Venturii is free. Here is what is presently supported:

  • Venturii automatically generates DeviceIDs and appropriate VINTs for all the Readers, Inputs and Outputs in the OnGuard System.
  • Reader Mode (Card Only, Locked, Unlocked, Card And PIN, PIN or Card, etc.) enumerates as a VINT with a source of Reader Mode.
  • Door Forced Open, Door Held Open, Door Forced Open Masked, and Door Held Open Masked annunciate as separate VINT Sources with the same names.
  • Access Control Doors can be opened from Venturii by sending a Desired Value of 1 to the corresponding "Open Door Command" VINT source.
  • Input status from all Reader Inputs and Alarm Panel inputs enumerate as a VINT.
  • Input Masked Status of all Reader Auxiliary Inputs and Alarm Panel Inputs enumerates as a VINT with a source Masked. Setting the desired value of this VINT will control the Masked state of the corresponding Input.
  • Output status from all Reader Auxiliary Outputs and Alarm Panel Outputs enumerate as a VINT. Setting the Desired Value of this VINT controls the output (0=De-Energize, 1=Energize, 2=Pulse).

More features are coming soon! This means that you can use any of the web-based user interfaces to view the status of various points within your Lenel OnGuard Access Control System, or you can create new ones with the new User Interface System, code named ProximaVenturii. More details on that will also be coming soon!
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