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Venturii Smart Water Meter Reader
« on: September 26, 2017, 10:46:15 AM »
I am very excited to announce that the initial test runs of the prototype Venturii Smart Water Meter Reader have gone VERY well, monitoring in real time and logging every 1/100th of a gallon of water used in my house! It is able to report Flow Rate, totals per day, and the Venturii graphing engine is presently displaying cumulative values organized by minute, hour, day, or month.

I've long been quoted as saying that the first step to reducing your consumption is to monitor it. In our house of 6 people, I know that we use a fair bit of water, between the toilets, laundry, 6 people bathing / showering, the dishwasher running each day plus irrigation during the summer months. Now with this exciting device, you can affix real numbers to those values and say things like "We used 348.4 gallons of water yesterday." Once you get an idea of how much you are using and start measuring it in a meaningful way (let's face it, seeing the grand total in cubic meters once a month does not drive meaningful change in consumption behavior) - you can begin to change the way you think about water, it's use, and the conservation thereof.

I will be posting more information about this product soon! 
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