Author Topic: Smarthome's Insteon Power Line Modem (PLM) All-Link Database Corruption  (Read 4079 times)


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I woke up early this morning and noticed that Venturii was not receiving events from some of my SwitchLinc devices. I have them linked to the PLM so that it receives manual activation commands from this device, which in turn triggers a timer in Decider to turn off that light after a certain period. When I looked at the ALDB in the PLM, it appeared to have 23 records in it, and all but one record was completely packed with 0xff bytes. The one "normal" record was fine, and proved working.

I am working on v_ion version 0.5.1 at the moment so transferred control of my PLM to my dev box and added some new PLM commands, namely "plm xx add link [mode]" where xx is the PLM number, is the device address of the unit to link the PLM to and mode is either ctrl or resp. This command "succeeded", but reloading the PLM ALDB showed the exact same results. Even manually linking the PLM to a device yielded no change in the ALDB in the PLM.

Scratching my head, I decided to implement the RESET command (factory reset) as well, so I did, and confirmed that the PLM's ALDB was now empty. Using the same command I'd tried before, I was now able to add links into the PLM's database manually, and it appeared to be fine. I have no idea why it's ALDB appeared to become corrupt, but I suspect this has happened a number of times as I've had to factory default it (usually with the SET button in the past) and then re-link every device in the house by hand before. Obviously managing the links via ION would be much preferable, especially since all the devices throughout the house are still linked to the PLM.
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