Author Topic: Preliminary Test Results For Using a Hall Effect Sensor to "Read" Water Meter  (Read 3692 times)


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Last night I confirmed a very exciting theory. Using a simple SS49E Hall Effect Sensor taped to the body of my Badger Water Meter, I was able to capture VERY detailed flow data as the magnets within the body of the water meter rotated proportionally to the amount of water flowing through it. For example, here is what I read from the sensor when using a very small amount of water:

And here is what I read from the SS49E sensor while using a fairly moderate amount of water:

The sensor itself came to me as part of an assorted sensor kit purchased from AliExpress:

Data was captured using an AD7705 16-Bit BiPolar Analog-To-Digital (ADC) Converter with a 500Hz sample rate. I will have to incorporate support for this ADC board into the VDAC Firmware as I have a few other planned uses for it on other projects. It certainly performed VERY nicely in this little experiment, and I am very excited to begin using it for other data capture application in the near future.

A much more detailed writeup on this experiment, including some of the history behind it, can be read on the Venturii Adventure Blog at

- John
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